1. One of my photos is featured in Oranbeg NET 09, have a look!


    Can’t make it to NYC to see the New York Art Book Fair? Well Check out the amazing work in NET 9! 

    Oranbeg Press is proud to present Oranbeg NET 09: Personal Space curated by Trevor Powers!

    Featuring: GorsadHollis JohnsonJessica PierottiVivienne Luo WangBrenda BinghamEsther S. WhiteTammy MercureCollin AveryDina LunWilliams DouglasVivien Ayroles, Jesse Untracht OaknerBenoit ChailleuxBrittany MarcouxMax BraniganAmy BrockmanWill Ashton and Natalia Baluta

    Also coming soon Oranbeg NET 10 with curators Max Marshall and Casey James Wilson.Every TENTH NET show will be an annual where there is no open call and the guest curator/curators seeks out artists for the online exhibition and PDF. 

    Featuring: Collin Avery, Roxana Azar, Sergiy Barchuk, Michael BussellCasey James WilsonCorey Olsen and Robin Myers.

    Oranbeg NET 10 will be released 10/10/14

    Thank you again to all the Artists who submitted to NET 9 and to Trevor Powers for a great show. More big announcements and a website redo are in the works! One last announcement will be at the Boston Zine Fest Sunday, October 12, Aeronaut Brewing Company, 14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA.

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  3. Lac du Petit, juillet 2014, de la série Les Arcs

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  4. Trouville, avec Stefano, avril 2011.

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  5. Le Mont-Blanc depuis la vallée de l’Arc, juillet 2014.

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  6. Lac de Roselend | Les Arcs 1950, juillet 2014.

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  7. Clémence, Les Chapelles, juillet 2014.

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  8. Stefano, Arc 1950, juillet 2014.

    www.vivienayroles.fr / blog.vivienayroles.fr


  9. Route de l’Iseran, juillet 2014

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  10. THE MECCA OF CONEY ISLAND - Fabrizio Albertini

    Limited edition of 150 copies, signed and numbered

    Free Shipping worldwide only in August

    More info here


  11. Papa au Col de l’Iseran, juillet 2014

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  12. Col de l’Iseran, juillet 2014

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr


  13. Vallée de l’Isère, juillet 2014

    www.vivienayroles.fr | blog.vivienayroles.fr



  15. theonesweloveproject:

    Vivien Ayroles on The Ones We Love.

    “Stefano and I have been together since Summer 2007. He was a painter, I accompanied him to photography. Stefano helps me find a more personal way to photograph. He is also a very good cook.”